Amway Waterless "Kitchen Queen" cookware
Amway Waterless cookware set
5-ply Multi-Core Stainless Steel cookware set, used but very servicable.
There are a total of 15 pieces here, although this set is used, most pieces are in excellent condition.
Amway Waterless cookware set
.Collection definitions.
Cookware pieces defined
.I don't know the 'official' names for these pieces, so I'm defining them here: Left to Right, Back to Front, big-shallow pot, double-boiler, big-deep pot, small flat lid, big dome lid, small-shallow pot, small-medium pot, small-deep pot, big flat lid.
Big-deep pot bottom
.Clockwise from top, inside of big dome lid, big-deep pot bottom, double-boiler bottom, poached-egg cups and pouched egg tray which fits into big-deep.
Big-shallow pot bottom and big flat lid
.Big shallow pot bottom and inside of big-flat lid.
Big-shallow lid
.Big-flat lid has some damage on the handle which is easier to see on this larger version.
Lid handle damage
Egg poucher system
.Clockwise; Big-deep pot inside, Big dome lid, egg-pouching cup that fits into egg-pouching tray with other 5 cups and finally the double boiler that fits into small-deep pot.
Small-deep pot
.Small-deep pot has some damage, probably boiled out of water.
Small pot bottoms
.Small-shallow and small-deep have stains on the bottom that does not affect their function.
Small pot bottoms
Small pots inside
.With the exception of small-deep, small pots are in very good condition.

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